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Frequently asked questions

We are here to help you out. Below some of the most frequently asked questions. You can also visit our help center our contact us by using the help beacon in the right bottom corner on our customer service page.

Airsoft is a shooting sport and is often compared to paintball. Yet it is different in many ways. The 1:1 replica of real weapons, in particular, provides a much more realistic and intense experience.

Airsoft is played with a replica, also called an airsoft device. This is the official name. Since they are not weapons, but devices, you are expected to use the correct term. For brevity, we’ll call it airsoft guns in the rest of this text.

Airsoft can be divided into various disciplines. We distinguish between IAPs (International Airsoft Parkour Shooting), re-enactment, Skirms and card shooting.

This is the reason that airsoft is an attractive sport for a very big audience. If you are a gamer, re-enactment and Skirms are a step towards a far more realistic experience. Compared to your computer games, airsoft will give you more excitement and will boost your adrenaline.

For members of a shooting club, airsoft offers a perfect addition. The actions you have to perform with an airsoft device or a real firearm are very similar. Besides, the laws and regulations regarding airsoft are more flexible than with firearms.

If you are a fan or collector of (authentic) weapons, you can choose from a huge range of airsoft devices that look extremely similar to the real thing. Without the restrictions or conditions other than those mentioned in the NABV regulations.

Do you want to see and try Airsoft gear in real life? Then come visit us in our showroom in Oldenzaal. We are open 6 days a week and you can drop by without an appointment. Our airsoft store always has experts present who can provide you with advice, tips, and tricks. Don’t forget to bring your ID card or valid NABV. For questions you can, of course, call us.

Shooting range

Many customers have praised us for our top of the line indoor shooting range. Are you on the fence for a particular airsoft replica? Our shooting range helps you make a well-informed decision on your next purchase.


You can park for free at our showroom.


Thirsty? No worries! Coffee, tea and other refreshments are available.

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Attention! Ready for some action?! You will undoubtedly be attracted to automatic Airsoft guns. Maybe because you have heard and read about it. Because it’s your favorite weapon from a video game. Or simply because of the cool design.

Again, we want to emphasize that choosing an airsoft replica involves more than just a cool appearance. Different replica classes have different, unique goals in the field or a different discipline.

Ask yourself what role you would like to fulfill within airsoft. What suits you? Which discipline(s) do you want to practice? What do you like and where are your interests? Find out, before you spend loads of money on your first airsoft device.

First things first. In this section, we will polish your knowledge about airsoft devices, and focus on the five largest airsoft replica classes, their most important features, the advantages and disadvantages and their specific roles within airsoft.

Whether you are new to airsoft or already a seasoned player or collector. This information will ensure that you understand why one replica suits you better than the other. And why some devices are more expensive than others.

Airsoft Rifles

Think of M4s / M16s, AKs, AUGs, Famas and many, many more. Is your heart already starting to beat faster only by the thought of these beauties? Modeled after real-life weapons, these Airsoft rifles are available in jump, gas, electric and HPA. Where electric rifles are the most common.

New at airsoft? We recommend you to start with a simple assault rifle. Get to know the device. Discover what works well and can be improved. Afterward, you can do targeted upgrades that make the device fully customized to your specific needs.

With a choice of hundreds of different styles, sizes, and functions, there is a perfect rifle for everyone.

Also, the standard versions are very affordable. As a beginner, you can easily start out with €200. But, Higher-end rifles and upgrades can quickly raise this price tag.

The high-cap AEG magazines can store up to 500 BBs. Carry 1 or 2 extra magazines with you and you can go on and on and on.

An airsoft rifle is very effective and accurate. There is very little that beats a customized AEG or HPA rifle. The rifles are extremely suitable for distances up to 30 meters.

For a beginner, AEG assault replicas have the best combination of features. They are lighter, firmer and easier to use. They can almost always be used within the battlefield of every event. In contrast to snipers, pistols, and LMG’s that are not allowed in certain fields.

Who doesn’t want an M4 or an AK47?! All big names produce airsoft rifles and modification parts.

Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft pistols are not only a great addition to your collection. They can be very useful in the field. And they easily find their way to the target when shooting cards and at IAPs.

There is not much that’s just as fast, reliable and compact as your sidearm gun. Especially when your airsoft rifle is unhandy in close quarter battles and can betray your position. The small and compact size of your gun ensures that you can maneuver well in small spaces.

There are different types of pistols: Electric Airsoft Pistols, Gas Pistols, CO2 and Jump. Airsoft. In terms of aesthetics, there are a lot of choices and modifications are endless.

Many players, or rather, almost all players wear a gun as a sidearm during a Skirm or re-enactment. A sidearm is your backup and can save you in difficult situations when your main weapon runs out of ammo.

Airsoft Snipers

An airsoft sniper rifle requires a different playstyle. Are you patient and able to sneak around invisibly and silently? Then a sniper might be your thing!

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles (BASR) are usually spring or gas / CO2. There are also electric (AEG) Airsoft snipers and high powered airsoft snipers on the market.

The ultimate goal of a sniper is to shoot as accurately as possible at great distances. When modifying your sniper, it’s recommended to first focus on accuracy. Then comes stability and FPS.

Eyes usually pay attention to movement. You, the shooter with a sniper, moving invisibly or hiding at a safe sheltered place will not be the one that is seen quickly. But you—in contrast—you will see everything. There is very little that you will not hit with a well-upgraded sniper. At least, within a distance of 60 and 70 meters.

Airsoft Revolvers

An airsoft revolver gives you that extra touch of realism. And what a revolver lacks in BB storage, makes up for it with accuracy and distance.

The power of a revolver is that it can hit up to 500 FPS. Unfortunately, the maximum FPS within re-enactment and Skirms is under 500 according to Dutch regulations. This means that airsoft revolvers can’t do what they are made to do on the field and therefore lose their shine and value.

A revolver does guarantee a sense of reality. The appearance, blowback, the way of loading, the magazine capacity.

For big-time fans, a revolver is an impressive addition to your collection.

Airsoft Shotguns

An airsoft shotgun is perfect for close-range kills, close-quarters battles (CQB) or games for pistols & shotguns only.

There are, however, a few points to keep in mind when you consider buying a shotgun. Especially if you are a beginner.

Airsoft shotguns come with different features (single shot, tri-shot), are driven with different techniques (spring, gas, CO2), they have a different price range and, last but not least, it requires some insight into your playing method.

There are many different types of Airsoft BB’s. Different regulations and laws apply to each country. In the Netherlands, only one type of projectile is used: the 6mm, biodegradable BB. All other BBs are expressly prohibited. Hard time carrying all your ammo? Make sure to invest in a BB ammo pouch.

The weight of a BB is between 0.20 and 0.45 grams. With FPS measurements and limits, Keep in mind that BBs can’t be reused. Even though they may still look perfect, they lose their quality once they are fired from your airsoft gun.

When a BB hits its target, most of them distort. And those that do not distort do suffer structural damage and are no longer perfectly spherical Once a BB hits the ground, they are by definition dirty. One of the worst things you can do to your airsoft gun is to shoot dirty BBs

Besides the damage that it causes to your device, shooting reused BB’s will also void the warranty.

Make sure that you keep the airsoft device as accurate and optimal as possible by regularly cleaning the inner barrel and replacing internals/parts where needed. Biodegradable BBs leave more residue in the inner barrel than plastic BBs. Therefore it’s important to keep your replica as clean as possible.

How accurate and at what speed your replica shoots can easily be measured using an FPS meter. You shoot 1 BB through the meter, showing an outcome in FPS. Repeat this several times so that an average speed can be determined.

Fun fact, we measure a lot of replicas in our headquarters. And the measured FPS will be displayed on the replica’s product page alongside the Factory FPS.

Small maintenance, such as cleaning the inner barrel, are actions that you can do yourself. If maintenance is required where the gearbox must be opened, please note that if you do this, the warranty will be voided.

Small maintenance, such as cleaning the inner barrel, is maintenance that you can do yourself. If you ever need to open the gearbox, keep in mind that the warranty will be voided—so proceed with caution. We recommend that our repair experts carry out extensive and complex maintenance. You can make an appointment for repairs via the live chat on our website.

Whether you go IAPs, simulate a historic battle, join a military operation or pretend you’re playing your favorite video game. This is your chance to look like a real-time hero or the ultimate bad guy. Of course, it is awesome to enter the field fully dressed in your favorite uniform. But from a tactical point of view, efficient equipment is also very important. It protects you against BBs and harsh weather conditions.

At Bunker 501 we offer various types of tactical Airsoft gear. From airsoft goggles, masks, clothing up to boots. Get on it!

Airsoft replicas can be classified into different categories depending on their mechanism. We distinguish spring, gas, electric and HPA (high-pressure airsoft).

When you’re interested in buying replicas, don’t base your interest solely on the appearance. You need to know that every technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

Know that for many replicas it is possible to upgrade or customize them. A stronger spring for more FPS. A faster engine for more BBs per second. Or a precision barrel for a more accurate range.

So the more you know about airsoft, the devices and their underlying techniques, the better you can make a well-informed choice.


Airsoft air pressure replicas are driven by a powerful spring. With this tech, weapons can fire their ammunition at speeds of 150 FPS (Feet Per Second) for pistols and up to 800 FPS for snipers. (Note: keep any rules regarding maximum joule / FPS that apply for your country)

What you need to know is that FPS determines the accuracy of your shot. The lower the FPS, the less accurate your shot. Especially with outdoor games and events. The wind can easily drive the BBs out of course.

On the other hand, spring replicas are very reliable in hard weather extremes. Rain, snow or cold…they never fail. Those same weather conditions can cause electric or gas-driven replicas to fail more often.

A spring replica has to be cocked before every shot. That’s not something to worry about when you are patiently waiting for your enemy—for example when you’re a sniper. But, are you armed with a gun or rifle, an AK, M4, etc. it is not very realistic. It can be very frustrating to reload for every shot. Within close-quarter fighting, loading your device can make the difference between life or death!

That is why 90% of the spring replicas are snipers or hunting guns or pistols. An assault rifle with a spring is strategically not a very smart move.


The most common type is a Gas Blow Back system (GBB) and works on gas or CO2. Thanks to this gas, all GBB replicas have a very realistic blowback. Depending on the type of device, it can be single shot, semi-automatic or automatic.

GBBs have small magazine storage. Therefore you can load a small, but a realistic number of BBs. The blowback and choice for a metal look, provide you with a very realistic experience.

A side effect of full-auto shooting is that the replicas have difficulty with cold. The gas that is released after every shot makes the replica cold. Eventually, the replica can block. As the weather gets colder, your airsoft guns will be put under greater strain. If your replica fails to shoot depends its temperature, and of what material your airsoft device is made of.

CO2 is more resistant to cold temperatures than green gas, but it is more expensive.

No matter how much fun it is to have a GBB, know that they are more expensive to purchase, maintain and upgrade.

Electric (AEG)

An Auto Electric Gun (AEG) gun is the terminator within the airsoft world. With an average shooting speed of 350 FPS and good performance in all weather conditions, it is difficult to compete against this killing machine.

The mechanism is similar to that of a spring replica, but then fully automatic. So you don’t have to reload after every shot. This goes completely automatically. As a result, the replica does have a complex internal mechanism that is charged with a battery. But, if the battery fails during a fight, the fight is over. So, always carry extra batteries!

The complexity of this mechanism increases the chance that one of the components can fail.

On the battlefield, AEG airsoft guns are a real must because of the speed, accuracy, and reliability. All the features you need to lead you to a glorious victory.

High-Pressure Airsoft

HPA is a relatively new technology within airsoft. Most replicas are powered by a battery, a gearbox with a cylinder and a motor. With an HPA, these three parts are replaced.

It is powered by an externally supplied high air pressure. So you carry a tank with compressed air with you. You can manually adjust the air pressure. This influences the FPS of the BBs.

Most of the time the mechanisms are sold as a single product that you need to install on your airsoft device.

Despite that HPA is expensive and the modifications can be tricky, an upgrade has many impressive advantages:

  • It’s a long-term investment.
  • High cap magazine
  • Reliable at cold temperatures
  • No more changing cartridges during a game
  • FPS can be adjusted i