APS CAM MKIII Shotgun – Red

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CAM MKIII Shotgun – Red
The CAM MKIII APS is without a doubt the most realistic shotgun replica currently available on the airsoft market. On the day of its premiere, it instantly became the object of desire of many collectors, but apart from looking got decorating a wall, it is also a very effective weapon for airsoft activities, especially CQB.
The shotgun was made with the utmost attention to detail. It is entirely made out of metal and steel, apart from the fixed stock and the handguard – these were made of a high-class polymer material. The perfect construction and materials used make the CAM MKIII Classic feel solid the moment you take it in your hand. It is almost like holding a real firearm, not an airsoft shotgun. Comfortable, hard rubber buttplate provides stable support while firing the replica. The shotgun has a fiber optic front sight and a section of RIS rail at the end of the barrel. On the pistol grip and the front of the replica, the so-called stippling makes the replica easier to handle.
It is a gas powered  shotgun, which ejects an empty shell after each shot and reload. The reloading process itself is very smooth – the handguard and the mechanism move smoothly, and the very sound of reloading is pleasant to hear. The capacity of the shotgun is 6 shells + 1 in the chamber.
The set includes:
– replica
– user manual