Ares SOC-AR Otto Repa carbine
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Ares SOC-AR Otto Repa carbine

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Be sure to have the perfect experience for your brand new Airsoft Gun:
  Full check up of the gun
  Lubrication of all essential parts
  Hop up check adjustment
  Leak check
  Joule FPS check

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Recommended combination

A replica of the SOC-AR Otto Repa rifle

Made of metal and durable plastic, a replica of the SOC-AR rifle by the ARES company . The replica has the markings and license of the manufacturer Otto Repa.

The heavy, massive structure of the Bull Pup version, despite its considerable weight ( almost 4 kg! ), Allows you to operate even in confined spaces and when it is not possible to use a long barrel. 

The replica is made almost entirely of metal , the body of the replica, manipulators, barrel and muzzle device are made of metal. The pistol grip and the Mid-Cap magazine with a capacity of 40 BBs are made of plastic . The barrel thread has a 14mm thread that allows the use of various types of muzzle devices or silencers. 

On the top of the replica, there is a 22mm RIS rail that allows for the installation of optical sights, such as scopes or collimators. The stock of the replica is finished with a comfortable butt plate. The replica has a working bolt catch – on the left side of the replica there is a reloading handle which reveals the ejector window with access to the Hop-Up chamber, the release button is located above the pistol grip. 

The replica’s manipulators, i.e. the fuse and the fire selector, have been duplicated – they are located on both sides of the replica. 

The place for the battery (not included) is located in the front grip above the barrel. 

The replica is equipped with a built-in laser target marker under the barrel of the replica. The laser switch is located in front of the trigger guard. 

The set does not include a battery or a charger!

The kit includes:

– replica
– magazine