Cybergun FAMAS F1 EVO carbine
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Cybergun FAMAS F1 EVO carbine

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Be sure to have the perfect experience for your brand new Airsoft Gun:
  Full check up of the gun
  Lubrication of all essential parts
  Hop up check adjustment
  Leak check
  Joule FPS check

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FAMAS F1 EVO rifle replica

The FAMAS F1 EVO rifle replica is an improved version equipped with a MOSFET system. The replica is made mostly of plastic, mainly very flexible and durable nylon. Elements such as the barrel, bi-pod, bail, screws, pins and internal parts are made of metal . The set includes a  metal Hi-cap magazine holding 300 BBs, which allows for longer firing.

The replica is equipped with a RIS rail under the front grip.   Moreover, it has markings of the firearm version placed on the body. The rifle has a built-in bi-pod for additional stabilization of the shot. The upper transport grip has an adjustable front sight and a rear sight.

The initial muzzle velocity of the replica is ~ 360 FPS , which makes it an ideal tool for short and medium range operations, as well as CQB games – in this case, the dimensions of the replica and its compact structure in the Bull-Pup system are also important. significant extension of the inner barrel while maintaining compact dimensions.

The advantage of the replica is the use of the MOSFET system that allows firing with 3 modes: single fire, burst and continuous fire, as well as ROF (rate of fire) programming. 

The replica was equipped with the BAX system , which is the equivalent of the Hop-Up system with a slightly changed design, which allows for a longer and more stable flight path of the projectile. The Gear Box chamber is made of metal, while the racks are made of steel , which significantly increased the service life of the entire system.

The kit includes:

– replica
– Hi-cap magazine (300 BBs)
– NiMh 8.4V 1100 mAh battery
– charger
– front grip