G&G CM47 ETU (Black)
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G&G CM47 ETU (Black)

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Be sure to have the perfect experience for your brand new Airsoft Gun:
  Full check up of the gun
  Lubrication of all essential parts
  Hop up check adjustment
  Leak check
  Joule FPS check

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This combat machine is a part of the G&G CM47 advanced series that is patterned after the famous AK 47. It uses high quality materials and technology to dominate the market at exceptionally low prices. It comes out of the box with a standard V3 reinforced 8mm aluminum design as well as integrated MOSFET and the ETU system definitely making it more durable and performing. The MOSFET increases gun’s rate of fire by allowing you to shoot in 3 programmable round burst mode. It also makes your battery hold longer, than with basic wiring simply by ensuring that there is no current consumption in the idle mode and prevent sparkling on switch contacts. The ETU system improves trigger reaction and prevents carbon built-up that usually occurs upon trigger switches.

Established in 1986 in Taiwan, G&G is an experienced designer and producer of airsoft replicas and accessories. From their first replica, their goal is innovation and high quality to meets even the most demanding customer’s needs. Today they continue their heritage by developing new types of unique, catching eye airsoft guns with top quality control.

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