G&G Piranha Mk I GBB Pistol

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G&G Piranha Mk I GBB Airsoft Pistol

One of the latest pistols designed and built in-house by G&G, this pistol does not disappoint. Carrying on the success from the GTP 9, the Piranha MK I GBB contains all the latest advances in Airsoft Pistol design, with a uniquely designed hop-up system and ceramic whirl valve designed to improve efficiency, reduce cool down, and enhance your Airsoft experience.

G&G Piranha Mk I GBB Pistol: Make It Your Own

The front of the pistol features a lower pistol rail allowing the attachment of a wide variety of Airsoft Accessories, allowing you to customise the pistol to truly make it your own. If you want to attach a suppressor or tracer unit this is possible thanks to the female threaded outer barrel, and with the use of an adaptor allows you to attach a wide array of suppressors. Because the barrel is locked in place and not free floating you do not have to worry about cycling, allowing you to attach heavier suppressors and standard tracer units.

What makes this pistol stand out is its split slide design. Unlike traditional pistols only the rear half of the slide moves backwards, meaning less force is required to cycle the pistol due to the reduced weight of the moving parts. The reduced weight improves the gas efficiency of the pistol, and increases the cycle rate allowing you to fire faster.

Specifications Of The G&G Piranha Mk I GBB Pistol

  • G&G GTP advanced hop-up system
  • Extremely consistent
  • Ceramics Whirl Valve
  • Polymer frame
  • Evenly spread weight
  • Ultra smooth action
  • Threaded outer barrel
  • 24 round Green Gas Magazine

G&G Piranha Mk I GBB Pistol: New Gas System

If you’re after efficiency you’ve come to the right place. G&G’s new gas system improves the efficiency of this gas pistol hugely. Thanks to G&G’s new ceramic whirl valve less gas is wasted, and is more efficiently transferred to the BB, and due to the materials makes the pistol less prone to cool down meaning you can get in more quicker repeat shots for longer.

This pistol is the perfect addition to any Airsoft skirmishers arsenal, with optimal performance and plenty of options for customisation, this pistol is a welcome addition to any collection.

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