LCT AEG Rifle LC-3A3-S Green
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LCT AEG Rifle LC-3A3-S Green

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Be sure to have the perfect experience for your brand new Airsoft Gun:
  Full check up of the gun
  Lubrication of all essential parts
  Hop up check adjustment
  Leak check
  Joule FPS check

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This Airsoft Electric Gun is a well-constructed and highly realistic replica of the G3A3, which features the slimline Handguard and is majoratively made from Steel as you would expect from LCT. The G3A3 is a Battle Rifle made by a collaboration between H&K and CETME which is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and features a fire select. It has been in service the world over since 1957 in the form of its’ original model, the CETME Model 58 (which featured wooden furniture).

The foundation of this Rifle is a rock-solid construction, and is majoritively made from Steel. The Outer Barrel Assembly, Flash Hider, Receiver, Magazine, Ironsights, Charging Handle and Dust Cover are made from Steel which gives the Rifle an incredibly strong core which is free from wobble, can survive abuse and feels incredibly realistic. Where Polymer has been used (Handguard, Pistol Grip and Stock), it is a high density Nylon Fiber which feels great to the touch, is robust and helps reinforce a feeling of realism when using this AEG. Internally the Rifle features a Rotary HOP Unit which will allow for precise adjustments over the amount of backspin on the BB. Other internal components include Steel Gears, Steel Spring Guide with Bearings, Chrome-plated Cylinder, CNC Aluminium Piston Head and Cylinder Head, 9mm bearings as well as a high torque 25000RPM Motor, throwing BBs through a 515mm 6.03mm Inner Barrel.

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Tamiya mini

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14mm ccw

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