Shooter AR Fabarm STF12 Shotgun FDE

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Shooter AR Fabarm STF12 Airsoft Shotgun

A high quality Tri-Burst three barrelled pump action Airsoft Shotgun, which is a Fabarm Professional Licensed Airsoft Replica, designed to fire 6mm BBs and be used for Airsoft Skirmishing. Be sure to check out this new system for virtual reality. Shooter AR offers total game innovation through the use of your smartphone.

Shooter AR Fabarm STF12 Shotgun FDE: Mock Shotgun Shells

This Shotgun is constructed from a mix of polymer, rubber and alloys. It has alloy internals, a polymer receiver, stock, outer barrel and a rubberised pump, pistol grip and butt plate. The shotgun features a Tri-Shot internal which means that the weapon fires three shots per pump of the shotgun, giving the weapon spread to emulate the firing of a shotgun. The shotgun is loaded using mock shotgun shells, and each mock shell holds 30 rounds, allowing the weapon to fire 10 times before you have to swap out the shell for a fresh one. 

The weapon features multiple rails allowing the attachment of parts and Airsoft Accessories, with a lower 20mm RIS / RAS rail for attaching Airsoft Grips to make it easier to pump the weapon, and top long rail for attaching Airsoft Optics. The weapon also features a trigger lock safety to prevent the weapon accidentally being fired whilst it is being used.

Features Of The Shooter AR Fabarm STF12 Shotgun FDE

  • Fabarm Professional Licenced Replica
  • Tri-Burst Three Barrelled Shotgun
  • Fires Three Shots per pump of the Shotgun
  • Loaded using Mock Shotgun Shells
  • Each Mock Shell holds 30rnds, 
  • Rubberised Pump, Pistol Grip and Stock for extra grip
  • Left Side Front and Rear Sling Loops

Shooter AR Fabarm STF12 Shotgun FDE: New Virtual Reality System

Much more affordable than VR, more challenging than cardboard targets, trained with Shooter AR for speed, accuracy and a lot of fun. Display as many targets as you want, transform each of them into a live 3D and interactive character that will challenge you and eventually hit you bad. Are you ready to face a SWAT team? To neutralize a terrorist group? To hunt zombies? Make your own shooting experience, make it challenging like tactical training or like a video game, your call. Share and invite your friends to your game. No limits, anywhere. 

The Fabarm STF12 airsoft shotgun now includes an augmented reality ready phone mount and a Bluetooth electronic shotgun shell that is compatible with the Shooter-AR augmented reality app. Just pop the included Bluetooth shell into where you’d normally load a standard Airsoft shotgun shell and you can pair your shotgun to your Shooter-AR app.

Downloading the free app from the store (Google Store / AppStore) you can connect the replica via Bluetooth (Bluetooth cartridge included in the package) and creating your own path and arena you can play or train in a whole new way, the app will register times, precision and all sensitive and useful data to the player in order to improve their game skills.

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