Specna Arms SA-G13V EBB Carbine Replica – Black

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Specna Arms SA-G13V EBB Carbine Replica – Black

This Airsoft AEG Gun is a rock solid and fitting testament to one of the underdogs of Airsoft. This is the Specna Arms SA-G13V EBB Carbine replica that fans of the gun deserve. The die hards will notice the original combo collimator sight that is typical of the platform, but sadly often omitted from Airsoft Guns.

Specna Arms SA-G13V EBB Carbine: Traditional Combo Sight

The front of the rifle features a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel which will allow the installation of suppressors, tracer units and other Airsoft Accessories once the flash hider is removed. The handguard is the traditional polymer handguard with integrated fold-down bipod, making this very easy to convert this to a support weapon by simply installing a box/drum magazine. The handguard also offers a huge amount of battery space which is almost guaranteed to fit any kind of LiPo, but crane stock batteries are preferred for flexibility.

The Specna Arms replica features the traditional combo sight which gives you both a red dot sight and a 1.5x magnified view in close proximity to one another, so you can rapidly transition between different ranged engagements. The reticule of the optic features a rangefinding prompt which helps you estimate ranges of up to 800m. The rear of the weapon features a sliding & folding stock which gives you total flexibility on the skirmish field; by letting you adjust the overall length in small increments or folding the stock right down for really tight corners/transport.

If you’re looking for a AR36 platform replica that not only feels great, but offers fantastic performance out of the box as well as grin-inducing features like electric blowback and a quick change spring, then look no further.

Specifications Of The Specna Arms SA-G13V EBB Carbine

  • High density Polymer used
  • Amazing construction
  • Traditional handguard
  • Integrated bipod
  • Integrated combo sight
  • Rangefinding reticle
  • Sliding & folding stock
  • Ambidextrous charging handle
  • Ambidextrous fire selector

More Info About The Specna Arms SA-G13V EBB Carbine

Internally, the rifle functions via a V3 gearbox which is ready to accept a 7.4v LiPo battery, and is connected via a mini tamiya connector in the handguard. To access the handguard, simply remove the allen bolt & nut securing the handguard in place. The AR36V features Specna Arms’ Enter & Convert quick change spring system which makes changing the mainspring of the weapon very quick and easy. 

With the stock folded and the rear body pin removed you can remove the blanking plate behind the stock to access the spring guide and change the mainspring within seconds. The trigger is a microswitch design which not only feels better than a standard pair of contacts,  but reduces the likelihood of long-term damage to the trigger unit due to the design.

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