Tippmann HPA Rifle Omega-PV CQB 13ci Model Marker Only
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Tippmann HPA Rifle Omega-PV CQB 13ci Model Marker Only

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Tippmann HPA Rifle Omega-PV CQB 13ci Model Marker Only

The Tippmann HPA Rifle Omega-PV CQB 13ci is an easy access HPA Airsoft Rifle that is ideal for those who want to invest in a High Pressure Air setup but don’t want to spend the thousands of pounds required for a custom build, or for those who just want to pull the gun out of the box and get cracking.

Tippmann HPA Rifle Omega-PV CQB: High Pressure Air System

This Airsoft Gun is an M4 Platform replica that is based around a HPA System, which makes it very different to typical AEGs. The gun is powered by a bottle of High Pressure Air which is installed in place of the buffer tube (at the stock), and then controlled by an electronic trigger unit which will release a small burst of air to launch the BB. This is a much more cost effective and less headache-y way of getting into HPA Airsoft guns, as there is minimal setup required.

As with all high end Tippmann products, this Airsoft gun is built to a fantastic standard, using mostly alloy for the externals. The outer barrel assembly, handguard, receiver and Fire controls are all alloy, whilst the flash hider, pistol grip, ironsights and stock assembly are a high density polymer. The flash hider will unscrew to reveal a 14mm CCW Thread underneath which can be used to install suppressors, tracer units and other muzzle devices. 

The licensed M-LOK handguard is absolutely solid and will happily accept either M-LOK Airsoft Accessories or rail adapters to use 20mm RIS attachments. The top of the rifle has a full length 20mm rail which can be used to install sights and scope, but comes out of the box with a set of flip up iron sights attached. The trigger is an electronic trigger unit, but also has a resistance spring behind the trigger so that it forcibly returns to the neutral position.

Specifications Of The Tippmann HPA Rifle Omega-PV CQB

  • HPA Ready Out The Box
  • M4 Platform Replica
  • HPA Bottle Acts as Buffer Tube
  • Electronic Trigger Unit
  • Rotary HOP Unit
  • Adjustable Velocity (FPS)

Special Instructions For The Tippmann HPA Rifle Omega-PV CQB

To get the Tippmann Omega-PV HPA working, you simply need to screw the HPA bottle into the rear of the receiver (a sharp hiss will be heard once the connection is made). The stock guide can then be lifted up and the actual stock piece installed over the HPA Bottle, which will then work like any multi-position M4 Stock. A 9V battery should then be installed inside the pistol grip, a magazine installed and the gun will work.

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