Diana Hollow Point 4,5/.177
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Diana Hollow Point 4,5/.177



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These .177 caliber pellets from Diana provide the performance you need for hunting or target practice. Each Diana Hollow Point Pellet weighs 10.34 grain. 400 Pellets per pack.

Specifications Of The Diana Hollow Point Pellets
Brand: Diana
Type: Hollow Pellets
Grain: 10.34
Caliber .177

Diana Hollow Point Pellets: Info About Hollow Pellets

Hollow point pellets are special bullets. These pellets are characterized by a point or a hollowed-out shape in their tip which, when fired, causes the projectiles to expand to a larger diameter as they head towards a target.

Diana Hollow Point: More Info About Diana

For over 125 years, the Diana name has been synonymous with continuously perfected innovation and tradition in the classic air rifle world. The result is industrial-grade masterpieces with uncompromising reliability and outstanding precision.

Diana air rifles are made according to the most modern production methods and with a lot of love for detail. The mature product portfolio and good repair service have made Diana a worldwide brand name since 1890.

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