Brand QB 57 Deluxe Air Rifle

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Removable assembly, disassembled length 452 mm, total length 795 mm
Reset by side lever,
Aiming devices integral with the barrel: handlebar adjustable in elevation, folding rear sight adjustable in drift and 11 mm rail.
Adjustable stock, compartment for sinker in the pistol grip.
Rail milled to 11mm on the barrel block to fix a scope.
Stock and wooden front, compartment for sinker in the pistol grip with secondary hatch to distribute the sinker.
Diaper plate adjustable in height to adapt to all body types.
Delivered without case and glasses.
Cal. 4,5 mm – diabolo pellets – 1 shot
Lead speed: 650 fps or 200 m / s and an energy of 10 joules.

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