Crosman Single Shot Pellet Pistol 2240 (5.5MM)

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  • Single Shot
  • 5.5MM pellet
  • co2 powered
  • 7 joule


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The Crosman Single Shot Pellet Pistol 2240 is a beautiful single shot pistol with quite a punch.

This pistol has a timeless design from 1954. It is powered by CO2 and shoots 5.5mm pellets at a respectable 460 feet per second giving it a power of 7 joule. Each 12 gram CO2 cartridge is good for 30 shots. Thanks to the new bolt design the pellets are easy and consistend to load making sure each pellet is seated at the same depth giving consistent shots.Thanks to the consistency this pistol is great for backyart plinking and small pest control.

The hobbiest will love the Crosman Single Shot Pellet Pistol 2240, with lots of aftermarket parts like grips and barrels available.

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