Reximex Caliber-Set For Throne (Caliber Set Only), Cal. 6,35, Barrel / 2 Magazines / Pellet-Pusher

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The Throne is a highly adjustable PCP bulpup airgun from Reximex.

This Turkish manufacturer has developed this rifle with modularity and adjustability in mind
Because of this, the Throne is very universally applicable to a broad spectrum is uses.

Thanks to the built in regulator, the Reximex Throne can offer consistent pressure behind every shot.
This regulator is externally adjustable in pressure.
A higher pressure offers more power, but less shots per fill and vice versa.

Als externally adjustable, are the hammer spring and transferport.
Thanks to these properties, the shooter can adjust/tune the Throne for optimal precision and power for various use-cases.

The side-lever for cocking is placed on the right side but can be switched to the left.
This makes this airgun suited for both right and lefthanded shooters.

Optics & accessories
The Reximex Throne is equipped with a double rail which accepts both 22mm picatinny/weaver and 9-11mm dovetail mounts.
Underneath the rifle, there is an extended 22mm rails for mounting bipods, lasers, lights, etc.

The barrel-shroud functions as a suppressor and has 1/2UNF threading for attaching other suppressors/moderators.

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