APS Pistol Conversion Kit (G Series)


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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

In the world of airsoft there are many Carbine kits for your pistols, of varying quality (and for different shapes sizes) – this APS Carbine Kit is for the airsoft G-series.

Fit’s best on the WE & Raven G-series 17 & 18.

Installation is an absolute dream; remove two push pins, extend the stock (and slide the rear retaining piece to the back), and pull free the muzzle. The kit then hinges open, allowing you to slot your airsoft Glock in. The kit comes with two adapters; one for semi auto, and one for select-fire models.

Close the kit, replace the muzzle, and put back in the bolt pins, and you’re sorted! Voila! A pistol that handles like a sub-machine gun. Beyond the manipulation benefits, you also have the added rail space for optics, lasers, lights & grips etc. A foldable grip comes with the kit.