Ares Amoeba Mid-Cap Magazine For M4/M16 (Black)


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Ares Amoeba Mid-Cap Magazine For M4/M16 (Black) 11.99

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The High-Grade version of the Amoeba magazine consists of two main parts: a durable reinforced nylon fiber case and the internals. This type of two-part solution makes the Ares Amoeba Mid-Cap magazine sturdier and easily maintained.

Ares Amoeba Mid-Cap Magazine: Easy Maintenance

The internals of the magazine can be separated, which makes the cleaning and maintenance really easy! Tests have shown the magazine to be compatible with most models and it is able to feed the BB’s even with higher Rates of Fire.

The sides of the magazine have been roughened for better traction, which makes the handling of the magazine more secure. The base has a foldable rubber magpul magazine assist, which doesn’t only help you pull the magazine from your pocket, but also protects the magazine if you accidentally drop it. The magazine also looks as if there are cartridges inside making it look realistic. It can work with any other M4 AEG brand out there but it goes best with the Amoeba style AEGs that Ares released.

Specifications of the Ares Amoeba Mid-Cap Magazine

  • Magazine capacity of 140 rounds
  • Roughened surface for better grip
  • Foldable rubber magpul
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Realistic look

Low-Cap, Mid-Cap And Hi-Cap. What Do They Mean?

The ending “cap” comes from the word capacity. The prefixes tell how big the capacity is.

Low-Cap and Mid-Cap Airsoft Magazines all have the same design relating to the power that releases the BB’s from the magazine. Each of them has a spring inside that compresses when loading the magazine and thus pushes the BB’s out of the magazine, when the locking lug at the top of the magazine is pulled aside. A Hi-Cap magazine, on the other hand, has a more complex mechanism, with gears and a coil spring.

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