DELTA ARMORY Tactical vest KAM-39 Delta Armory Black


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DELTA ARMORY Tactical vest KAM-39 Delta Armory Black 49.75
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  • The KAM-39 tactical vest from Delta Armory is made of nylon. The width of the vest can be adjusted with three straps on the sides, which are 50 mm wide. The vest is divided into two parts – on the right side there are three M4 (Stanag) magazine holsters and on the left side of the vest there is a radio holster, three pistol magazine holsters, a pistol holster and a Stanag magazine holster. The vest can be closed with a zipper. The belt can also be adjusted and fastens with a wide plastic buckle. There is an additional magazine pouch on the shoulder strap. The tactical vest is ideal for SBS security services, airsoft games or outdoor activities in nature.

    Tactical vest KAM 39 is a universal size. The length of the belt, the width of the vest and the height of the shoulders can be adjusted on the vest. The height of the vest is approx. 61 cm.
    The width of the vest is in the range of 50-70 cm. The vest is suitable for a chest size of 100-140 cm.