Z-Parts Reinforced Complete HPA Line QD Type EU


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Z-Parts Reinforced Complete HPA Line QD Type EU

This reinforced airsoft hpa line allows you to use it intensively without any risk of being torn off during the game. The tips are crimped into the line using a hydraulic press which gives high tensile strength (over 70 kg). Even when folded or twisted, the air continues to circulate. The braided coating of the line guarantees excellent resistance to abrasion. 

Z-Parts Reinforced Complete HPA Line QD Type EU Specs

  • Supplied with a mounted coupler
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Brand: Z-Parts

About Z-Parts

Z-Parts, established in 2013. Known for their abundant experience in metal processing and CNC manufacturing. They have a professional team for design, refine and manufacturing.
They keep the focus on making high-quality airsoft upgrade parts. Z-Parts continue to update the market information and developing new products with diversified appearance and functions.
They make airsoft parts more aesthetic, practical and high quality.

Please note, this version of the reinforced line is to be screwed directly into your regulator (fixed mounting with 3 turns of Teflon). Use only at very low pressure (0-10bars).

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