Specna Arms Specna Arms ATU™ – Advanced Tracer Unit III


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Specna Arms ATU™ – Advanced Tracer Unit III

ATU ™, or Advanced Tracer Unit, is yet another variation of the Specna Arms suppressor that comes with a BB tracer exposure system installed. The housing is made entirely out of lightweight aluminum, and the integrated standard 14mm CCW type thread allows for fitting the suppressor on most of the popular carabiners and airsoft replicas that are currently available on the market. In addition to the tracer module, there are additional damping sponges inside of the housing.

Thanks to high-powered LEDs located on both sides of the BB inlet, the suppressor very effectively illuminates the tracer type BB’s, imitating the effect of a tracer bullet, which will diversify airsoft games taking place at night, indoors or in CQB / speedsoft arenas.

Suppressor Features:

– housing made out of 100% aluminum – damping sponges – USB charging – operating time up to 4 hours – built-in lithium battery – battery status indicator – effective high-power LEDs – two-sided light source – a motion sensor that automatically turns the device on / off – a suppressor designed to expose the BBs in green – exposure of BBs with a rate of fire of up to 35 BBs / s

The set includes:

– suppressor – micro-USB cable