Swiss Arms Universal Compact Bipod

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One of the most useful attachments for a rifle is a bipod, especially for bolt actions. A bipod is simply a two legged stand that sits at the end of your rifle offering a more stable shooting position in order to boost shot to shot consistency by eliminating the variable of you supporting the weight of the rifle. Bipods are available in different designs, and various lengths. Though they all do the same job, you want to be sure that you’re comfortable deploying the bipod i.e. not trying to fiddle with complicated catches, and that it doesn’t sit sky-high off of the ground. Similarly you want enough length for those times where you’re not prone!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most attractive bipod on the market is the Harris-style – it is a nice and compact bipod, whilst still having enough length from its spring-loaded extendable legs for most engagements. Heavy duty springs on each side of the bipod prevent accidental release, which also aleviate the requirement for fiddly catches – to fold out this bipod all you have to do is pull down each leg. The benefit of this design is a faster deployment, whilst still retaining the necessary solidity. Designed primarily for a swivel stud, this bipod also includes a 20mm RIS/RAS adapter, allowing it to be attached to the vast majority of rifles on the market. Constructed out of high quality Aluminum, and finished in a matte black scratch resistant paint, this piece is built to last.

Attaching this bipod can be a little confusing due to the catches and screw system, but it really is quite simple. A pincer sticks through the middle of the bipod which grips the swivel stud or the RIS adapter, and the screw on the bottom controls the depth. When you tighten the screw, it pulls the pincer back through the body of the bipod, tightening its grip on the swivel stud or the adapter. If attaching via swivel stud, you’re done…if by RIS, you’ve still got to bolt the bipod onto the corresponding RIS rail on the gun.

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