AIM-O T1 Red Dot Sight Replica (Black)

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The replica of the newest red dot sight which is used by special forces all over the world. The red dot sight replica is made fully of metal and is equipped with fluent adjustment of the aiming reticle’s position (with the help of two knobs). Additionally, the shooter has got the possibility of adjusting the aiming reticle’s brightness in a five degree scale. The aiming reticle itself can be illuminated either in red or green colors.

The advantages of a full-scale red dot sight were “closed” in the possibly smallest package. This can be used as a stand-alone aiming device in all types of carbines, rifles, shotguns and sub-machineguns. It will also do great as a spare aiming device mounted on scopes. The red dot sight is compatible with the night vision devices (NVD).

The set includes a low mount allowing to mount the red dot sight on any replica which is equipped with a RIS rail that is 22mm wide.

Made of: metal
Length: 70mm
Weight: 130g
Colour: black
Aiming reticle’s colour: red/green
Mount type: RIS 22mm

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