Action Army AAC T11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle


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Action Army AAC T11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

The T11 is the newest sniper rifle from Action Army Company. Renowned in the airsoft community for their sniper rifle upgrade parts, Action Army has taken their expertise and experience and applied it to a complete rifle.

Action Army AAC T11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle: Great Improvements

The internals and externals of the T11 rifle are all made to VSR-10 specifications, so it can accept any upgrades compatible with VSR-10 bolt action Airsoft Sniper Rifles. The durable yet lightweight polymer stock allows for quick and unencumbered movement, and has a small rail at the front for a bipod. The receiver is all metal for durability and reliability, and has a scope rail for the installation of Airsoft Optics.

The pre-upgraded cylinder, trigger, piston, and cylinder head all greatly improve the reliability and durability of the rifle, while the enhanced hop-up design increases the range and consistency of each shot. These features make the T11 right out of the box already on par with custom-built sniper rifles, eliminating the need for any aftermarket upgrades.

Features Of The Action Army AAC T11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

  • Ergonomic chassis made from high strength polymer for durability 
  • Metal alloy receiver and barrel improve overall durability
  • 20mm rail at the front for a bipod
  • 20mm optics rail allows the use of all types of sniper rifle optics
  • Smooth bolt action with several pre-installed upgrades including aluminum piston, 90 degree trigger sears, stainless steel spring guide, and aluminum cylinder head
  • Precision enhanced hop up unit with concave arm provides reliable and effective hop to your rounds
  • Integrated sling loop at the back of the stock

Action Army AAC T11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle: More About Action Army

Action Army Company (AAC) was founded in 2010 and is currently located in Taiwan. Originally, Action Army Company focused on creating high performance parts for the gearbox, but have expanded on creating CNC external parts such as the AAC-21 chassis. Action Army has the ability to CNC machine, die cast, forge, stamp, powder coat, etc. their parts for the most durability and consistent excellent appearance. Their goal is to build new products with a much stronger yet lighter material to achieve the most efficiency from your Airsoft Gun internally and externally.

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