Agm STG44 Real Wood Full Metal Aeg


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Agm STG44 AEG Airsoft Gun

An Airsoft AEG Gun replica of one of the world’s first assault rifles. The AGM STG44 Real Wood rifle is ideal for WW2 German reenactors or Airsofters with an interest in history.

Agm STG44 Real Wood Full Metal Aeg: Heavy Weapon

With a real wood stock and full alloy construction, just like the real Sturmgewehr, this is not a lightweight Airsoft rifle! Running on a modified version 2 gearbox, this is better suited to the Airsofter with knowledge and experience of maintaining their guns. As with most Airsoft Guns that are based on a WW2 period, this weapon requires careful use. This is a heavy weapon, but combined with the right gear you will most definitely look the part. Once worn and aged this rifle is a great base to work upon for modifications and improvements.

Able to fire both semi and fully automatic at 420-440 FPS with 0.20g Airsoft BBs at ranges well exceeding 100+ feet. An easy to adjust hop-up unit makes this rifle perform exceptionally well on the field and at long distances. It’s full metal internals are built for longevity and sustained suppressing fire.

Adjustable classic metal iron sights on top of the rifle in combination with the hop up unit allow for consistency at nearly all ranges.  As a WWII reenactor, this rifle is an absolute must for any serious airsofter who is looking to outrange and outplay the opposition.

Specifications Of The Agm STG44 Real Wood

  • 420-440 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Full Metal & Real Wood Construction
  • Semi and Full-Auto Firing Modes
  • Functional charging handle
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Sling Mount Loops
  • Modified Ver.2 Gearbox

Agm STG44 Real Wood: More About AGM

AGM is one of the most recognizable airsoft brands from China. They have a long history of providing quality guns and Airsoft Accessories at an affordable price. One of the most recognizable AGM products are their historic replicas line such as MP40, StG44 or Mg42. In their offer, we can find a wide range of most popular replicas of machine guns, SMG’s, shotguns and many more!

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