Airsoft Chiappa Rhino 50DS CO2 Revolver Special Limited Edition Silver


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Airsoft Chiappa Rhino 50DS CO2 Revolver Special Limited Edition Silver

This absolutely stunning Airsoft Revolver is a faithful replica of the Chiappa Rhino 50DS .357 Revolver, made by none other than Chiappa Firearms themselves. This variant of the pistol is limited edition, produced in limited edition colours. The 50DS is built like a tank and made to match the original weight of the real thing, leaving you with a superbly high quality Airsoft replica that works, looks and feels just like the real thing.

Airsoft Chiappa Rhino 50DS CO2 Revolver Special Limited Edition Silver: Perfectly Assembled

The entire Revolver is manufactured from alloy, with the exception of the faux wood pistol grip covers, which is where most of the (over 1kg) total weight comes from. Not only is the Revolver heavy, but it is perfectly assembled with absolutely no movement between joining surfaces, and a near-perfect seal between the barrel and chamber. Inside the barrel is a fixed hop unit which is an absolute must-have for an Airsoft Revolver, allowing you to use heavier Airsoft BBs to achieve better consistency.

Other quality of life features include a two stage trigger that can just be pulled as normal, or cocked via the hammer (which actually actuates an internal hammer), to make the trigger more responsive and easier to pull. A handy ‘Fire Status Indicator’ will let you know whether the hammer has been cocked or not by raising a red-coloured rod near the hammer when it is ready to fire. A trigger lock safety can be found behind the hammer should you want to properly lock off the trigger. A set of adjustable iron sights allow you to fine tune your BB impact point and get it firing perfectly, and the 20mm pistol accessory rail can be used for a range of torches, lasers and more Airsoft Accessories.

Features Of The Airsoft Chiappa Rhino 50DS CO2 Revolver Special Limited Edition Silver

  • Chiappa Rhino Replica
  • Fully Licensed Product
  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Exceptional Assembly
  • Tough Design – No Wobble
  • Unique Serial Number
  • CO2 Powered Revolver

Instructions For The Airsoft Chiappa Rhino 50DS CO2 Revolver Special Limited Edition Silver

The Chiappa Rhino operates as per any Airsoft Revolver, needing a CO2 bulb to be installed in the Pistol Grip, under the faux wood Covers. A single BB is then placed in each revolver shell and inserted into the cylinder. Either cock the hammer or simply pull the trigger to turn the cylinder and fire the handgun. A half-pull can be done to turn the cylinder but not fire the gun, if you have missed a shell in the cylinder and need to cycle back around to it.

If you’re looking for an Airsoft Revolver, or even just an extremely well crafted Airsoft Gun that has had the same love put into it as the original firearm, with a fully licensed design and exception construction and assembly, then the Airsoft Chiappa Rhino 50DS CO2 Revolver is just the ticket.

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