G&G GPM92 Desert Tan

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A gas blowback M92 replica from G&G Armament, featuring a full metal construction and their revolutionary new rotating valve design to aid with cooldown management. The G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol is a great addition for your arsenal.

G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol: Well Presented G&G Trademarks

Whether you’re a fan of the M92 design or not, the first thing that will immediately strike you about this sidearm when you take it into your hands is the weight. The G&G GPM92 stacks in at over 1KG by itself thanks to its solid metal construction, and the addition of textured polymer grips with the G&G logo inlaid makes this sidearm feel amazing in the hands. The inclusion of a pistol-sized Speedloader is a real treat. When shaking the weapon in your hand the only rattle that can be heard is the lanyard loop and some tiny movement from your slide. 

Casting your eyes over the Airsoft Pistol you will notice the several G&G trademarks that adorn the weapon and how well they’re presented – however also subtle for those that don’t like inaccuracies on their handgun. All the functions of the sidearm are as you would expect an M92 to be – the slide is released via the usual sliding lever mechanism, the safety acts as a de-cocker to make your pride and joy extra safe and yes, the hammer can engage externally by manually pulling down on it. This means you can go about your skirmish day with a round in the chamber, safe in the knowledge that you have an extra layer of safety to an already impressive sidearm.

Specifications Of The G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol

  • Full metal construction
  • G&G Trademarks
  • Excellent cold-weather performer
  • Allows for more rapid shooting
  • 20mm pistol rail
  • Textured Polymer grips 
  • Strong, powerful recoil
  • Available in Black, Tan and Green

G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol: The Whirl Cylinder Valve

Finally, let’s talk about the ‘Whirl Cylinder Valve’. This new design of nozzle valve is twisted meaning that the entire piece will spin rapidly when gas enters the nozzle, helping break apart any build-up of frost from impending cool-down. This means that you can get a quicker succession of shots off in cold environments before the inevitable effects of cool-down take hold of your sidearm with an icy grip.

When tested on the range, this sidearm held a more consistent FPS for much longer than any other GBB pistol before finally dropping down into the sub 300fps area, whilst still maintaining a good solid kick to the hands.


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