AIY AY-3M assault rifle replica


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AY-3M assault rifle replica

The front grip and the pistol grip are made of  reinforced polymer  –  in a matte black color.  The rest of the replica  is almost entirely made of metal . The entire body, receiver cover, stock and one-piece outer barrel are made of metal. The replica has a set of adjustable, mechanical sights, but we can easily equip it with an optical sight thanks to the  “dovetail” rail mounted on the side of the receiver.

The dummy bolt/loading handle is also made of metal – after pulling it, we gain access to the hop-up adjustment knob. On the right side of the body there is a wing fire mode selector, very similar (albeit slightly shorter) to the one used in AK type replicas. We have the ability to conduct single and continuous fire.

The place for the LiPo battery is inside the front grip.  The stock of the replica is made of metal, finished with a comfortable hard rubber buttplate. The stock is folded to the side of the body, which significantly shortens the length of the rifle – ideal for transport or close combat. 

What can we find inside the replica? Its heart is  the v.3 gearbox with an AK type trigger. The gearbox was equipped with  7mm steel ball bearings , on which  a set of steel gears was mounted . The nozzle is also AK standard, the piston is made of strong nylon, has  steel gears . The whole thing is driven by a short medium torque motor. The factory-applied  M120 main spring  allows in this case to achieve  a muzzle velocity of ~ 420 FPS . As a result, a strong, well-fitted mechanism based on high-quality parts was obtained, which is also a great base for possible power and durability tuning.

The replica is delivered complete with   a hi-cap  magazine with a capacity of 300 BBs, made of black polymer material.

NOTE:  The telescope visible in the illustrative photo is not included in the set.

The set includes:

– replica
– magazine