Classic Army KAC Stoner 96 LMG


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Classic Army KAC Stoner 96 LMG

The Classic Army KAC Stoner 96 LMG is a shining star in the Stoner line-up. Originally developed by Eugene Stoner, the Stoner LMG pays homage to the legendary Stoner 63 LMG while being lighter, better, and leaner. KAC took Stoner’s design a few steps further after years of R&D, resulting in the current Airsoft AEG Gun Stoner LMG being a lightweight and yet powerful machine gun that tops its peers.

Classic Army KAC Stoner 96 LMG: Incredible LMG

The build on this Airsoft Gun is incredible, the body is absolutely solid and is one of the nicest feeling and sturdiest receivers on any airsoft weapon we have on site. It feels just as it should as a high end replica and the finish on it is absolutely faultless. The LMG is constructed with extreme precision meaning there is no wobble in any areas where there should not be, however it retains the same compact and (relatively) light build of the real thing by use of high quality metals throughout the construction. 

The quad rail comes pre-equipped with handguards on both the 9 and 3 o’clock positions and a vertical grip to allow you to comfortably hold the weapon when shooting on the move. As the receiver is railed the weapon is actually very versatile. It can be used at range to suppress enemies and force them to stay in cover, or could be used up close with a red dot sight to defend a position or simply as a typical run and shoot primary weapon.

Features Of The Classic Army KAC Stoner 96 LMG

  • CNC Machined aluminum outer barrel, receiver, and rail system
  • Aluminum retractable stock
  • Railed upper receiver and handguard for Airsoft Optics and Accessories
  • Easy detachable stock and barrel design
  • Full metal 8mm gearbox w/ QD spring feature
  • Reinforced unibody upper receiver
  • Electric winding box magazine

Classic Army KAC Stoner 96 LMG: Internally Amazing

Internally this weapon is just as sound as it is externally. The gearbox features 8mm steel bearings allowing for incredibly smooth gear rotation adding to the speed at which it fires. All the gears are naturally extremely high quality metal, with a metal toothed piston to help prevent any stripping. The spring is also quick change making it incredibly practical to lower the FPS for indoor or “up close” games.

The Classic Army LMG is Lipo rated and will take anything up to an 11.1v, however a 9.6 NiMH will do the job perfectly and provide a very admirable ROF while doing so.

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