G&G AEG Rifle FS2000 Tactical DST



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G&G AEG Rifle FS2000 Tactical DST

Here we have a Belgian Special, the G&G AEG Rifle FS2000 Tactical! A unique looking bullpup Airsoft AEG Gun used by the Belgian special forces. This new iteration from G&G has their ETU fitted as standard giving it amazing trigger response and rate of fire. It’s quirky ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold & makes it stand out on the field.

G&G AEG Rifle FS2000 Tactical: Bullpup Weapon

The G&G’s FS2000 replica of the real steel forgoes the distinctive integrated optic in favor of a top accessory 20mm rail in order to accept Airsoft Optics besides the back-up iron sights that are included. This bullpup weapon features all the inherent advantages including the compact size with full length rifle barrel, the deep seating center of balance for rapid aim acquisition when firing. The FS2000 has the added advantage of using standard M4 high capacity magazines, Mid and Low cap’s may require modification in order to use.

The battery solution is rear-wired in the stock (small connector), quick power adjustment of the FPS is via the rear of the gearbox and ideal if you play at different sites and just adds to this Airsoft Gun’s great features.

Specifications Of The G&G AEG Rifle FS2000 Tactical

  • The sights, RIS rail and the outer barrel are made of metal alloy
  • The flash hider is made of steel
  • The FS2000 uses standard AR (M4, 16) magazines.
  • One enlarged 450 rounds hi-cap is included.
  • High torque motor, 8mm bearings, electronic trigger unit inside.
  • Detachable spring guide.
  • Can be powered by a 9.6v and 11.1v li-po battery.

More Information About The G&G AEG Rifle FS2000 Tactical

This FS2000 is equipped with an innovative ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) system. The system completely replaces the connector cube and fully takes over the function of a MOSFET module. Due to the electronic operation of the trigger, the system has gained remarkable responsiveness to the trigger. Each pull results in a full operation cycle of the GB. 

The ETU system has the ability to program fire modes. The user by default has the access to Safe – Semi – Full Auto – 3 round burst modes. The programming process is trivial, the user needs only to select the Semi option and pull the trigger for 10 seconds. Once that is done, the third option of the fire mode selector will initiate the selected mode.