G&G CM16 LMG (Black)



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This Airsoft AEG LMG from G&G is built on the well-loved CM16 platform which has the advantage of having been worked on and refined for a number of years, before being converted to its final form: The CM16 LMG.

G&G CM16 LMG: Eliminate Creaks & Wobbles

The end of the barrel of the LMG features a 14mm CCW thread for suppressors and tracer units, accessible from underneath the flash hider which screws off the end. This barrel assembly is made from Alloy and runs down the receiver, which gives a rigid platform for this rifle to be built on and eliminates creaks and wobbles.

The upper receiver features an LMG style loading tray which is hinged, and raises up to allow you to install the dummy bullet belt to increase realism. This upper receiver has a 20mm rail ready for Airsoft Optics and sights, but comes with a rear ironsight installed, to be used in conjunction with the flip-up front sight. The rear of the weapon features a buffer tube with a six position adjustable G&G Crane Stock which has plenty of room for batteries, and houses the MOSFET and Small Tamiya Connector for installing your battery.

Specifications of the G&G CM16 LMG

  • Magazine Capacity of 2500 Rounds
  • MOSFET and Electronic Trigger Unit
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Small Tamiya connector
  • Semi / Auto / (Burst) Fire Mode
  • Length: 823 mm
  • Weight: 4135g
  • Color: Black

Great Internal Quality of the G&G CM16 LMG

The internal quality is everything you would expect of a top-tier G&G gun, and more. It has their signature MOSFET and Electronic Trigger Unit which means free use of 11.1v batteries for crazy rates of fire, and a programmable trigger which can be changed between burst and full auto by holding the trigger down in Semi Auto for ten seconds.

If you’re after a support gun replica which doesn’t break your back, as well as your wallet, the G&G CM16 LMG is the perfect balance of lightweight, tough, internal features and firepower. It is a familiar platform, so it doesn’t require much learning to adapt to.

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Tamiya mini

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14mm ccw

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