G&G Cm16 Raider-L (Black)



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The G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider line is G&G’s best selling line of beginner Airsoft AEG Guns on the market, and it has been that way for good reasons. The CM16 Raider comes in 2 different variations: long barrel for outdoor and short barrel for indoor. As far as color goes, the CM16 also comes in black or tan. Here we will take a look at the CM16 Raider Long.

G&G CM16 Raider-L: Amazing On Every Side

The front sight is a standard M16 triangle sight that is adjustable for elevation. On the bottom of the triangle sight is a sling mount for 2 point slings. The outer barrel is made of aluminum and is 14.5 inches. Covering the outer barrel is a 7” quad rail system that provides plenty of rail spaces for Airsoft Accessories such as grip, flashlight, laser, or PEQ box. The rail system is made of durable polymer which also keeps the weight down.

The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, it is also removable if another sighting system such as red dot sight or scope is preferred. The dust cover on the CM16 series can be easily pried open to access the hop up unit, otherwise the dust cover will stay close as the default position to prevent any unwanted debris from entering the hop up or the gearbox.

Features Of The G&G CM16 Raider-L

  • Brand: Airsoft G&G Armament
  • Made out of Metal and Polymer
  • Powered by AEG
  • Best suited for Assault and CQB Gameplay
  • Made after the M16
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • No Blowback
  • Single or Full auto Fire mode
  • Magazine capacity of 450

G&G CM16 Raider-L: Compatible V2 Gearbox

The gearbox is a full metal V2 gearbox that is compatible with an extensive variety of aftermarket replacement or upgrade parts. Based on the gearbox specs, it is recommended to use this rifle with a 9.6v NiMH battery or a 7.4v Lipo battery. 11.1v Lipo batteries are more powerful and can be used to power the rifle to achieve a higher rate of fire and crispier trigger response but at the cost of a higher rate of wear and tear on the rifle.

All G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider comes with the same hop up and barrel set up: Aluminum inner barrel, plastic hop up and cold resistant green bucking. Just like the gear box, all major components listed above can be replaced or upgraded with aftermarket parts to achieve better accuracy.

This replica does not include a battery or charger.

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Tamiya mini



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Skirmish Ready



14mm ccw