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A CM16 SRS assault rifle replica by G&G made as a part of the Combat Machine project whose aim is to deliver high quality replicas at a price that may be considered economical. Combat Machine replicas are characteristic for their highest, distinctive of G&G products craftsmanship, reliability and high quality of materials used.

G&G CM16 SRS: Intelligent Features

The Airsoft AEG Gun features a V2 rear wired gearbox that is powered by 11.1v LiPo Batteries. The weapon features G&G’s ETU Re-programmable trigger system, which adds a range of intelligent features to the gun, such as auto cut-off when the battery is low.It also features a programmable trigger system which can be switched between full auto and burst fire modes without any additional equipment.

Externally the weapon features a KeyMod handguard system, which allows for a wide range of aftermarket KeyMod parts and Airsoft Accessories to be added, such as rail panels, grips, bipods, torches and lasers. The weapon also features a full length 20mm RIS / RAS Top Rail, which is compatible with most Airsoft Optics, allowing for large scopes or holographic and magnifier setups. 

G&G CM16 SRS Features

  • Lightweight Polymer Body
  • G&G ETU Re-programmable Trigger
  • MOSFET System
  • Full Auto / Three Round Burst Modes
  • Rear Wired V2 Gearbox
  • Stops firing when Battery charge too low to protect batteries
  • Mini-Tamiya Battery Connector
  • Removable Flip-Up Ironsights

More About The G&G CM16 SRS

The weapon comes fitted with a Six Position Adjustable GOS-V3 Retractable Stock System, which features a CR123A Airsoft Battery storage compartment, a common battery used in torches and lasers. The stock is also where the batteries are stored to power the gun, allowing for crane stock / butterfly batteries to be used, and connected to the Mini-Tamiya connector. 

This gun is perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who are looking for a high quality weapon, with tonnes of features that would have even the most veteran of Airsoft players interested.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.
All G&G Airsoft Guns @ Bunker501 will be delivered according Dutch Regulations , that means Skirmish Ready, unless indicated otherwise.

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