G&G Top Tech G980 SE, Karabiner 98K

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G&G Top Tech G980 SE, Karabiner 98K

A gas powered 6mm Airsoft Sniper of the infamous K98K adopted by the German Wehrmacht in 1935, which saw consistent use and issue all the way through to 1945. The G&G Top Tech G980 SE is very reminiscent of the Tanaka Works model from years gone by, and is the closest replica to a Mauser Kar98k available to date.

G&G Top Tech G980 SE, Karabiner 98K: Fast Follow Up Shots

The weapon accepts either green gas or CO2 powered Airsoft Magazines, and it also includes a replica K98K sling which is attached realistically at the front of the handguard and at the stock, making it easier to carry. The bolt action is much lighter than the D-Boys spring powered equivalent, leading to fast follow up shots and an overall less-tiring experience. The green gas magazines were tested and resulted in an average of 300-328FPS over the full magazine.

The magazine is loaded with gas by removing the feed lips to access the fill valve hidden underneath. The feed lips are removed by pulling back on the silver tab on top of the magazines and sliding the feed lips vertically. The CO2 magazines are loaded in the same way by removing the feed lips and unscrewing the base plate. The HOP is adjusted by pushing the wheel through from the left side of the receiver, and turning the wheel on the right side of the receiver to adjust.

Features Of The G&G Top Tech G980 SE, Karabiner 98K

  • Highly realistic replica
  • Real Wood furniture
  • Gas powered
  • Quiet operation
  • Bolt action
  • Accepts both Green Gas & CO2 magazines
  • Included sling
  • Front and rear sling points

G&G Top Tech G980 SE, Karabiner 98K: ZF-41 Side Rail

This replica K98K features a realistic “ZF-41” side rail for mounting a proprietary Airsoft Optic to finish the look of this rifle, especially if you’re wanting to replicate the more ‘elite’ ranks of the Wehrmacht. The built in iron-sights are adjustable for elevation as you would expect, and the front sight post can be removed with ease.

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