G&G TR16 MBR 556WH


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The replica belongs to the highest category of G&G Advanced. It has a high quality all-metal chassis that delivers robustness and durability. Thanks to the Crane LMT plastic collapsible stock, you adjust the length exactly for you – it can be set in six positions. Here also, when the button is pressed and the rubber foot is tilted to the side, is space for the battery. For reliable operation of the replica, the manufacturer recommends a rechargeable battery of at least 9.6V NiMH, ideally 11.1V Li-Po (type MiniCQB). The replica has a classic Mini-Tamyia connector. Additionally, there is a storage compartment in the stock support, where you can insert, for example, replacement batteries into the flashlight.

The metal upper and metal bottom parts of the VLTOR style body are top-stitched. There are no burrs or traces of casting. The grip and the magazine are an ergonomically shaped rubber grip for better grip. You can find other nice enhancements on the body of the gun – the two-sided fire selector and magazine release. By pulling the charging handle, which is lightweight with a latch and looks really luxurious, you open the dust cap of the bolt. Here is a default access for hop-up settings. The improvement is that you do not have to hold the charging handle for the hop-up setting yet – the metal-immitting bolt remains locked in the open position and the hop-up space is so loose. The bolt release is on the left.

On the upper part of the weapon is a standard RIS with folding sights for installation of optics / red dot and other equipment. The bottom part of the body is laser-labeled with the manufacturer’s logo and a unique serial number.

Overall, external processing and materials are at a very high level. But the performance of the G&G TR 16 is also great!

No Charger and Battery included.

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