Colt Python .357 Magnum 6 Inch Co2


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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

Since semiautos can hold a lot more shots, why would you want a revolver? How many times have you had a jam with your semiauto? Revolvers rarely jam, and that’s where they really shine! They’re so dirt-simple that they’re considered ultimately reliable. In fact, always keep a revolver as a sidearm in battle. In the heat of things, you’ll want a gun you can just pull out and commence shooting. Nothing special to do. Just pull the trigger and start knocking ’em off! The metal frame on this gun gives you extra durability not found in most plastic semiauto pistols. That means this Colt Python can take the hard knocks of battle and still pull off the shots you need. Keep extra speedloaders and filled cartridges to make sure you’ve got a fresh load of ammo ready to go. If you’ve every watched IPSC shooters, you’ll see that revolver shooters have learned the tricks of quickly inserting a new set of cartridges almost as fast as semiauto shooters can insert a fully loaded magazine and cock the gun/release the slide. Practice your moves so you’re not caught off guard when it counts.

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