S&T T-21 Explorer Series AEG Assault Rifle OD


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T21 (Full name: Tavor Assault Rifle – 21st Century, simply Tavor) is a bullpup assault rifle designed in Israel since 1991 and started equipped and tested by Israeli Army Special Force from 2001 in order to replace the old CAR-15 or M16s which they had used for many years. T21 used a bullpup design which already seens on UK’s SA80 (L85 series), French FAMAS, Austrian AUG and Chinese QBZ-97. This design provides a compact size and the rifle muzzle velocity, also it can minimize the silhouette of users and to maximize effectiveness in urban warfare. T21 was designed for easy using by both right-handed and left-handed user, however it needs partial disassembly as fully reconfigured for left-hand used, so it cannot be quickly done while the rifle is in use.

Additional information

Magazine capacity


14mm cw

Connector type

Tamiya mini



Length (mm)