Umarex H&K 416 A5 Gas Blowback (Ral 8000)


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About the Umarex H&K 416 A5 Gas Blowback (Ral 8000) :

This replica was made with attention to the smallest details. It is safe to say that it is a faithful copy of its combustible counterpart. The body, the front grip with the RIS rail system, the sights were made of metal, and the pistol grip and plastic flask. The barrel and the flask guide were made of steel.

Authentic Replica:

As befits the Umarex company, the replica has all markings in line with the original. Engraved fire mode markings, individual serial number, HK markings on the magazine slot and warnings about having to read the instructions before use. The only difference is the engraving on the shield of the ejection window of scales with information about the caliber 6mm.

Features :

Ergonomic pistol grip covered with a non-slip texture and a contoured five-position stock increase the comfort during shooting. In the pistol grip there is a hidden storage compartment in which you can carry, for example, CR123A batteries.

The replica is powered by Green Gas and has a perfectly functioning Blowback system. The gas tank is in the magazine. The replica must be reloaded before submitting the first shot. It causes the cock to be pulled so that the replica is ready to fire. After the last shot, the lock locks in the rear position and can be released using the button located on the left side of the body – the lock release device, so-called “bolt catch”. This solution greatly speeds up the restart of shooting. HK416 A5 GBB shoots continuous and single fire.

The barrel ends with a left-handed 14 mm thread, which allows you to mount almost any Silenver on the Mqrket.

The high muzzle velocity combined with the length of the barrel make this replica the perfect equipment for shooting in open terrain. Thanks to the folding flask, maneuvering in the rooms will also not be a problem. HK416 A5 GBB is an excellent alternative to popular replicas of US M4 assault rifles.

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