VFC H&K PSG-1 GBR Sniper


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Developed in 1972, the H&K PSG1 has evolved over time into one of the most iconic and well-known sniper rifles in the world, thanks in part to its use in movies and video games.

The H&K PSG1 contains all the external features of its real variant and these have been recreated with extreme precision, such as:

Steel Stamped Body
Adjustable cheek and shoulder pads
Pistol grip with adjustable wrist rest
Original Markings

The handguard and stock are made of sturdy polymer and the pistol grip is made of imitation wood.

The weight of this 5200 gram replica contributes to more stable shooting at long ranges and to absorbing the recoil generated with each shot. Under the polymer handguard is a swivel stud on which a bipod can easily be mounted to provide extra stability.

Internally, this replica contains an enlarged cylinder bolt carrier with a new design that has been specially developed for this replica. This combined with the warehouse’s exceptional gas efficiency creates a powerful kickback.

The H&K PSG1 also includes an NPAS (Negative Pressure Adjuster System) on the nozzle that allows the regulation of muzzle force and muzzle velocity. The hop-up is easy to adjust by removing the polymer handguard to reveal the hop-up wheel. This hop-up is located at the end of a 650mm long inner barrel that has an internal diameter of 6.05mm.

On top of the steel body is a rifle scope mount with a removable Weaver / Picatinny rail segment. The magazine has a capacity of 20 BBs and has a dry-fire function. This allows the replica to be fired without firing BBs. This replica is also suitable for use with VFC G3A3 GBB magazines.

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