WE Desert Eagle .50 AE Full Metal GBB (Silver)


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WE Desert Eagle .50 AE Full Metal GBB (Silver)

The Desert Eagle is an iconic Airsoft Pistol that is as much of a cultural icon as it is a weapon’s icon. Much like that of the Beretta 92 and the 1911, the Desert Eagle boasts one of those shapes that are instantly recognizable.

WE Desert Eagle .50 AE Full Metal GBB (Silver): A True Hand Cannon

The Degal, as it’s lovingly called, is featured in many movies from 90’s classics such as The Last Action Hero to some modern classics such as The Matrix. Its large frame is bound to inspire the imagination.

As a weapon’s platform, the Desert Eagle is a true “hand cannon” developed by magnum research with a round that can perpetrate body armor. With true stopping power in mind, the huge size of the Degal is actually part of its design because it helps with absorbing the recoil and power of the round as it exits the barrel of the pistol. For a pistol that has changed little to none over the years, the current design is much more in-line with modern weapon philosophy.

This latest design, as seen here on the airsoft counterpart features a ported front end that acts as a compensator, directing gases downwards helping the gun shoot flatter. The recoil impulse of the pistol is superb and features a relatively high FPS at approximately 370+/-. The pistol is driven by green gas and features a 27rd Airsoft Magazine.

Features Of The WE Desert Eagle .50 AE Full Metal GBB (Silver)

  • Biggest and one of the hardest kicking handguns
  • Fully licensed by Cybergun, you can expect it to have all the correct markings
  • Strong recoil spring
  • Good for 370 fps when using Green Gas
  • Comes with a 27 round green gas magazine
  • As seen used by Agent Smith in the movie The Matrix

WE Desert Eagle .50 AE Full Metal GBB (Silver): Info About WE

WE is one of the most experienced producers and manufacturers of GBB airsoft replicas in the market. Their goal is to provide high-quality products at an affordable price. WE product offer contains a wide range of most popular tactical handguns and even state of art custom pistols for the most demanding users.

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