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The LCT AS VAL is a silent and deadly assault rifle, designed from the ground up to be the ultimate tool for Spetsnaz/Special Forces operators when performing covert tasks. The Airsoft AEG Gun is designed around an imposing integral suppressor and delivers a wacky 9x39mm round at a high rate of fire to around 300m.

AS VAL (LCT): Amazing External Features

External features of the rifle include an SVD style dovetail mount which is ideal for railed side mounts or compatible Airsoft Optics like the PSO-4 and others. The iron sights are realistically adjustable for range, and can be used in Airsoft skirmishes to help accurately reach out to further ranges when used properly. The magazine release is a traditional ambidextrous paddle design which is handy for left handed players, and the safety lever will be familiar to anyone who has used the AK platform. 

The fire selector is located behind the trigger and is rotated to either side to select a fire mode. The stock features a single sling loop for one-point sling setups, and can be folded to dramatically reduce the length of the rifle for easy transport/storage. The HOP can be adjusted via a slider style adjustment which is hidden behind the charging handle. The dust cover can be removed like any AK but this will only be useful for disassembly. Internally the LCT Rifle features a CNC aluminium piston head and cylinder head, as well as 9mm bearings and a 22,000RPM motor.

Features Of The AS VAL (LCT)

  • Stamped Steel Receiver
  • Plum/Dark Purple Furniture
  • Integrated Steel Suppressor
  • SVD Style Dovetail Side Rail
  • Adjustable Iron Sights
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • CNC Aluminium Piston Head
  • CNC Aluminium Cylinder Head
  • 9mm Steel Bearings
  • 22,000RPM Motor

More Info About The AS VAL (LCT)

This Airsoft Gun has had no expense spared in attention to external details, and features a stamped steel receiver, a process used in the manufacture of real-world AK family firearms. This process leaves an oily residue on the steel from the machining, for a genuine smell and feel that reinforces realism and quality. The integrated suppressor is also made from steel, bringing the rifle to a satisfying and balanced total weight of 3.3kg. The handguard and pistol grip are a plum/dark purple coloured polymer which is lightly stippled to be as realistic as possible and provide good grip over the rifle.

If you’re looking for a rarely-seen replica which isn’t too far removed from reality but will certainly turn heads, with the added bonus of amazing internal and external quality, then this is a sure choice.

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