Elite Force Race Gun CO2 Blowblack


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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

A pistol replica manufactured by acclaimed Umarex company, belonging to Elite Force series that is, as the name suggests, the top shelf. At first glance the appearance of the replica may seem awkward and over-the-top, however all modifications are not there to be pleasant to the eye, but to provide highest effectiveness possible. Effectiveness required during AIPSC dynamic shooting, where every second and every move counts – that’s what RaceGun was designed for. This type of games are recently becoming more and more popular.

The construction itself, aside from polymer grip linings, was made practically entirely from metal. Metal parts include the skeleton, slide, barrel, optics mount, etc. All parts fit very well together and make up for a solid, massive appearance – also due to ideal balance. Linings were covered with anti-slip pattern in order to improve grip stability.

The replica makes use of many interesting solutions inspired by sports firearms. In the front, there is a recoil compensator, under the barrel on the other hand is a RIS 22 mm mounting rail that enables the attachment of a wide array of additional accessories – like tactical lighting or laser sights. Thanks to top rail the pistol can be equipped with an optical sight that effectively will assist rapid aiming with both eyes. The replica features a double-sided, winged safety.

The magazine release button as well as the magwell were enlarged in order to speed up the magazine change process. At the back of the slide is a lever that simplifies reloading. It can put on the left or the right side. Near the grip is an elongated “beaver tail” – an element that protects against striking by the hammer. Trigger path has also been shortened. Of course, the replica features a Blow-Back system. The system sets the slide in motion with every shot – this further brings the replicas operation closer to that of live firearm original. Thanks to a metal slide and CO2, RaceGun gives a very pleasant “kick” when firing.

RaceGun has a set of fixed Tru-glo iron sights that enhance aiming, also at night or during low light conditions. The set includes two interchangeable rear sights – standard and fibre optic one.

The replica is powered by a standard, 12 g CO2 capsule that is located inside the magazine. The magazine was made from both polymer and metal and its capacity is up to 16 BBs.

The set also includes a dedicated reflex sight powered by a CR 2032 battery. The reflex sight has two settings, high and low brightness modes.

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