G&G Rk74-E
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G&G Rk74-E

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G&G Rk74-E

G&G has been a presence on the market for many years and always guaranteed exceptional quality. Things are no different in the case of the new G&G RK74-E series that consists of loyal replicas of the most famous assault rifles of the eastern bloc. G&G in this case has decided to place their bet on modularity, whilst retaining of course the realism.

G&G Rk74-E: Care For Details

RK74-E was created with utmost care for details with selection of the best materials. The receiver of the Airsoft AEG Gun was made from high quality metal as well as the hand guard, stock slide, front sight and muzzle device. Parts made from uniquely durable and elastic polymer include the stock and pistol grip with anti-slip, ergonomic texture. Elements such as the trigger guard, magazine release button, dust cover, rear sight, tactical sling swivels and shell ejection plate were made from steel, which results in the level of realism being as high as possible. Precision and quality of craftsmanship of particular elements makes the user feel as if he or she is holding a live firearm

The RK47 series, as previously stated, is a strictly tactical series, which grants the user huge freedom in terms of selection of additional accessories. The hand guard features RIS rails on top and underneath. On its sides, however, is the KeyMod system that allows for even more options of attachments of possible modifications. The top of the receiver features another 22 mm mounting rail for Airsoft Optics. All elements were made using CNC technology, which is yet another proof of the non-compromising quality of finish of the replica.

Specifications Of The G&G Rk74-E

  • Brand: G&G
  • Powered By AEG
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Made Out Of Metal & Polymer
  • No Blowback
  • Includes Mosfet And ETU
  • Full Auto, Burst and Single Shot Fire mode
  • Length: 810mm
  • Weight: 2980g
  • Color: Black

More Information About The G&G Rk74-E

Double-sided charging handles can be locked in rear position which allows for easier access to Hop-Up system adjustment. The magazine release lever was designed in such a way so that it would be possible to eject the Airsoft Magazine with your index finger. Exceptionally ergonomic stock has 6 settings, a rubber stock pad and a compartment for, for instance, a CR123a battery. 

The replica, in comparison to previous versions, is compatible with standard AK magazines which allows the user not to worry about compatibility. The fire mode selector was constructed in a way that allows it to be operated using a thumb.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.
All G&G Airsoft Guns @ Bunker501 will be delivered according Dutch Regulations , that means Skirmish Ready, unless indicated otherwise.

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18000~25000 rpm Hi-torque Short axis