G&G TR4 CQB-R (Black)


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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

The rifle is constructed by G&G and is part of their GT Advanced range, some of the highest quality rifles in their arsenal. The weapon is constructed from Aluminium, Nylon, Steel, Zinc and Plastic, with an Alloy Flash Hider, Outer Barrel, Handguard, Receiver, Buffer Tube, Sling Plate, Ironsights, and Internals, with a Polymer Pistol Grip and Stock. The weapon features a Four Point 20mm RIS / RAS Rail Handguard, which allows aftermarket attachments to be attached to the sides, top and bottom of the weapon, allowing Grips, Bipods, Torches, Lasers and more to be attached. The front of the rifle features a 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) threaded outer barrel which allows for the attachment of Suppressors and Tracer units once the Flash Hider is removed. The top of the Receiver also features a 20mm RIS / RAS Rail, for attaching Sights and Scopes. The weapon comes packaged and fitted with a rear removable Ironsight and Fixed Front Post Ironsight, which are fully adjustable, and the rear sight can be attached or removed if needed. The battery is stored in the rear of the weapon, in the 6 position adjustable crane stock, which can be adjusted to fit a wide range of user sizes. Internally the weapon features an adjustable hop-up unit, which can be adjusted to add spin to the BB, improving the weapons range and accuracy, and can be set for a range of BB weights. The gearbox is rear wired, with 8mm Bearings, and is powered by a 25000 rpm high torque motor for power. The weapons gearbox also features G&G’s seal sticker, to show the gearbox has not been tampered with. This rifle is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are looking for a CQB Monster, which is compact, but is also great for outdoor gaming too.

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Tamiya mini



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Skirmish Ready



14mm ccw