Specna Arms SA-E02 EDGE Carbine (Tan)



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5902543256584Specna Arms SA-E02 EDGE Carbine Airsoft AEG Gun

An Airsoft AEG Gun replica of the classic M4A1 platform, complete with a shorter barrel than standard. The Specna Arms SA-E02 Edge has loads of features that set them apart from any other out-of-the-box AEG.

Specna Arms SA-E02 EDGE Carbine: World Class Finish

The externals are made from a mix of aluminium and zinc alloy which undergo a rigorous course of sand blasting, powder coating and then anodising to achieve a world-class finish on their metal-work. This finish is then protected by a ‘Nano Coating’ finish that reduces scratches. The external trim parts of the rifle such as structural screws and supports are made from steel to ensure a long-life performance. The polymers used throughout are an exceptional quality and feel really good in the hands, the pistol grip being textured to promote grip in all conditions. 

At the muzzle end of the replica, the flash hider can be screwed off to reveal a 14mm CCW thread underneath. This lets you attach Suppressors, Tracer Units, Muzzle Brakes or any compatible Airsoft Accessory to further enhance the looks or performance of your AEG.

Features Of The Specna Arms SA-E02 EDGE Carbine

  • Part of the Specna Arms Edge Series
  • Safe, semi, and fully automatic firemodes
  • Pre-upgraded with a MOSFET and updated Gearbox
  • Removable carry handle
  • Flat trigger guard
  • ESA™ quick change spring system
  • Branded by Rock River Arms

Specna Arms SA-E02 EDGE Carbine: Big Upgrade

The quality of the Specna Arms gun continues internally with a wealth of parts which would be considered an ‘upgrade’ on any other AEG. A rotary HOP unit gives you fine and precise control over flight path, and being coupled with a precision 6.03mm barrel makes for a very pleasant firing experience. The ‘ORION Gearbox’ featured inside has a reinforced frame to handle high power springs and is designed around their quick change spring system.

All of this comes together to seal the perfect package for those who want the best of external and internal quality.

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