VFC SR25 Enhanced Combat Carbine (Licensed by Knight’s Armament)


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The Global War On Terror had made weapons evolve. One such evolution is the renown SR-25, changing from a highly specialized weapon to a more versatile one. The SR-25 ECC (Enhanced Combat Carbine) is born from years of combat experience and manufacturing refinement upon the legendary AR-10 platform.

During tours in Iraq and Afghanistan many soldiers found out that traditional bolt-action sniper rifles or long fixed stock semi-autos were not ideal when on patrol or dealing with complex environments. Everything from room clearance to traversing dangerous terrain, many of these long and relatively cumbersome rifles made fighting difficult and rigid. With this in mind the SR-25 ECC was born. It built upon the long range capabilities of the traditional SR-25 but paired it with a flexible stock and 16″ barrel. The more compact size of the rifle means it was easier to carry and fight with in adverse conditions and environments and its long enough barrel meant it was still an extremely capable long range weapon system. The SR-25 ECC is also chambered in .308 or 7.62×51 which provided sufficient knock down power and accuracy for a service rifle of this caliber.

This GBBR VFC is a faithful replication of said rifle and features all the correct markings. As a gun that sports a good amount of heft, VFC has taking several steps to ensure this gun is also as light as possible with parts such as their lightweight outer barrel. The gun also sports the timeless URX 3.1 rail system. Internally, the desire for weight reduction did not cause VFC to cheapen their quality. They did reinforce parts such as:
Steel Fire Controls
High Speed Weight Increased Buffer Unit
Anti-Damage Design Hammer
Steel Buffer Retainer Pin
High Ductility Plastic Nozzle Set
Steel Trigger
Steel Ambi Bolt Catch
Steel Anti-Impact Bolt Carrier Assembly

The VFC SR-25 ECC is also features the latest patented “GuideHOP”. This allows you to adjust the hop up using an allen key directly on the gas block.


x1 VFC SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine (Licensed by Knight’s)
x1 20Rnd Magazine
x1 Manual

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