CYMA M1A1 sub-machinegun


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CM.033 sub-machinegun replica 

The replica made by the CYMA company was made of metal and plastic. The replica’s body, the barrel and the iron aiming sights are made of metal, while as the stock, the front grip and the pistol grip – were made of wood-looking plastic. The replica was equipped with a hi-cap type magazine which holds 440 BB pellets. The muzzle velocity reaches about 360 FPS what allows for a free use of the replica in the wood terrain and also in the short distance.

The outer make and the operating culture of the replica leaves nothing to wish for. The applied imitations of wood lie comfortably in the hands which as the blackened metal looks very aesthetic. It is  not a replica for everyone, of course – it is equipped with some use disadvantages just like the original firearm: the angled stock is uncomfortable in use, what makes it difficult to aim in the iron aiming sights, the firing mode selector lever’s operation is not very intuitive while as the magazine release system requires a little precision – the same applies to clipping the magazine. This are the features which are characteristic for the original firearm and should not be seen as disadvantage, but as the features and solutions which are characteristic for the historical weapon. Without any doubt, the replica will be an superb item for every fan of the american weaponry of the first half of the 20th century.

The set includes:

– the replica,
– a magazine,
– a carrying sling,