DBoys AEG Rifle PDW BY-808 Carbine


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DBoys AEG Rifle PDW BY-808 Carbine

The DBoys AEG Rifle PDW BY-808 Carbine replica is made of ABS plastic. The upper half of the body together with the RIS rail and the handguard create one part. This Airsoft AEG Gun is also equipped with RIS mounting rails.

DBoys AEG Rifle PDW BY-808 Carbine: Different From Other PDW Guns

The elements distinguishing this model from other PDW replicas (Personal Defense Weapon) are dimensions, weight and above all versatility. This Airsoft Gun can be used by left and right-handed operators. The replica has an ambidextrous fire mode selector, thanks to which you can easily switch the mode of shooting by thumb or index finger of any hand, as well as the so-called “multi magazine catch”, an ambidextrous magazine release.

On the body and the stock of the manufacturer placed attachment points for QD sling. The replica has a collapsible stock, that allows a user to reduce the length of the replica to the very minimum (450 mm). On the top of the receiver, the manufacturer placed the folding “flip up” type sight that is made with great attention to details, functional and solid. We can easily access the hop-up chamber by pulling back the charging handle.

The replica Airsoft Battery can be placed in a dummy type PEQ battery box added to the set and the cables are pulled from the RIS rail. It is equipped with the metal V2 gearbox and polymer Hi-Cap magazine with the capacity of approximately 200 BBs.

Specifications For The DBoys AEG Rifle PDW BY-808 Carbine

  • Brand: DBoys
  • Powered By AEG
  • V2 Gearbox
  • Single Shot and Full Auto Fire mode
  • Made out of Metal and Plastic
  • No Blowback
  • Length: 450/670 mm
  • Color: Black

The DBoys AEG Rifle PDW BY-808 Carbine: Info About AEG Guns

Airsoft AEG Guns are truly the workhorses in the world of airsoft. They are reliable guns that accelerate in situations where rapid-fire is needed, boosting a high rate of fire and accuracy, this makes the AEG excellent in every scenario of the battlefield. Through heavy rain, desert storms and freezing weather this gun will be your companion to face the enemy in all conditions.

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