Diana Outlaw PCP Air Rifle (.25 / 6.35 mm 60 joule)

527.98 inc. VAT

  • Side lever repeater
  • 9 round magazine
  • 6.35 mm
  • 475mm rifled barrel
  • Stained Beechwood or Walnut
  • 1060mm total length

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Diana has a reputation for building highest quality precision airguns over the last 100 years. The management team at Diana is dedicated that any new products maintain this fine tradition. The new Outlaw is such an air rifle from Diana.

The Diana Outlaw PCP Air Rifle is an impressive precharged pneumatic air rifle that delivers a high level of performance at a very reasonable price. The Outlaw has an easy side-lever cocking and loading system that cycles the 9-shot magazine and sets the adjustable two-stage trigger. A single shot breech is included as well. Good accuracy is provided because of a special barrel and breech system and velocity is controlled by a precision air regulator. The Diana Outlaw’s action is fitted into a Beech wood stock with a comfortable soft rubber butt pad. The full length shroud and moderated barrel package take care for very silent shooting. Servicing of the Rifle is minimal with only a drop of oil on the side lever every 2000 shots. Cleaning of the air rifle’s rifled barrel is very easy. You simply unscrew the barrel from the breech for full removal. This allows you to clean the breech and gives you space for inspection as well. The new Diana Outlaw is suited for target or field duty. It has a manual trigger block safety.

The  air rifle comes in a nice cordura showcase well protected by foam inserts

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