EMG Salient Arms DS 2011 5.1 Series Full Metal GBB (silver)


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EMG Salient Arms DS 2011 5.1 Series Airsoft Pistol

A GBB Pistol designed by EMG International, based on the Salient Arms 2011 5.1 1911. It is fully licensed and designed to be used as a high end Airsoft Pistol, or even as a training pistol replacement for the real steel pistol it is based off.

EMG Salient Arms DS 2011 5.1 Series: Designed By Salient Arms

The pistol is constructed from high quality alloy, with a polymer pistol grip, with a black frame, slide, magazine, grip and magazine, silver recoil spring guide and trigger, and a shiny golden outer barrel. The pistol has been designed by Salient Arms to be as functional as possible, but retain all the features of the existing 1911 platform. The weapon features a serrated slide for Airsoft Accessories such as an extra grip, a custom flat trigger for repeat shots, an extended hammer, and even a light enhancing front iron sight for low light conditions. 

As is tradition, the pistol features a hammer / slide lock and a beaver tail safety system to prevent accidental discharges, and internally features an adjustable Hop-Up system designed to add range to your shots by adding spin to the BB. The pistol is fully trademarked and licensed by Salient Arms, meaning the pistol features all the real steel branding, adding to its realism.

Features Of The EMG Salient Arms DS 2011 5.1 Series

  • Built by EMG International
  • Fully Licenced from Salient Arms
  • 2011 Style 1911 Pistol Design
  • Full Alloy Construction
  • Serrated Slide
  • Lower Pistol Rail for Torches and Lasers
  • Custom Flat Faced Trigger Design
  • Extended Hammer
  • Beavertail Safety System
  • Ambidextrous Hammer Lock Safety System

Special Instruction For The EMG Salient Arms DS 2011 5.1 Series

The EMG SAI 2011 pistols feature a slightly wider frame and may not fit some TM/WE compatible 2011 holsters. 

The weapon performs best with AW Custom HI-CAPA series and EMG Hi-CAPA mag, however, it will function with WE, Marui and KJW Magazines. Please note, when using WE / TM / KJW Magazines that you may have to modify the base plate in order to fit the magazines in the pistol.

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