Fn Herstal Fnx 45 Civilian Gas Blowback (Black)


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Fn Herstal Fnx 45 Civilian Gas Blowback (Black)

The Fn Herstal Fnx 45 Civilian is undoubtedly one of the greatest lookest sidearms of all time. The Civilian Model is absolutely no exception, and is the ideal choice for someone looking for an Airsoft Pistol with an incredible build quality, fully ambidextrous controls and a satisfying action, or something a little more classy and subtle that a full Military Model. This Pistol needs to be held to be believed, it’s just that good!

Fn Herstal Fnx 45 Civilian: Inspires Confidence

The first thing that strikes you about the FN Herstal FNX 45 Civilian on first picking it up is the sheer weight of it, despite having a polymer frame. The polymer used on the frame is a nylon reinforced polymer which feels amazing, very tough and inspires confidence in giving this pistol some abuse. The aluminium alloy slide is crafted to perfection, and looks just the part with full FN Herstal and FNX-45 trademarks. A set of three dot white iron sights nestle on top of the slide, which are very bright and easy to use, even in the dark.

With this being the Civilian Model, the outer barrel sits flush with the end of the slide, rather than protruding out the end. A 20mm pistol rail sits underneath the barrel, and is ready to accept a torch/laser unit, or anything up to and including a grenade launcher if you’re that way inclined. The pistol rail also features a plaque with a unique serial number for your sidearm. The pistol grip features a removable backstrap which can be replaced with an extra included in the box, should you want your Airsoft Grip to be lower profile for comfort.

Specifications Of The Fn Herstal Fnx 45 Civilian

  • FNX-45 Replica
  • Civilian Model
  • Fully Licensed Design
  • Fully Ambidextrous Controls
  • FN Herstal Trademarks
  • Nylon Reinforced Polymer Frame
  • Aluminium Alloy Slide
  • Three Dot White Iron Sights

Fn Herstal Fnx 45 Civilian: Effective Sidearm

The fire controls of the pistol are fully ambidextrous, magazine Release, slide release and safety included. This makes this an ideal choice for left handed players looking for an effective sidearm for them, as every key function of the Airsoft Gun can be operated comfortably from both sides. The gun also features a gear type HOP adjust wheel on the underside of the slide, when it has been removed from the frame.

The Airsoft Magazine is a beautiful mirrored design which comes standard with the FNX out of the box, and features an inlet valve at the rear near the knocker valve, rather than on the baseplate. 

If you’re looking for a ‘Tactical’ Pistol that is more refined and subtle than an ‘in your face Military Model’, that still has great functionality and a crisp/snappy trigger response, then the FN Herstal FNX-45 Civilian is just that.

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