Swiss Arms Tactical Laptop Bag 15″ Tan



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Airsoft starts with bunker 501

A strong and reinforced bag. Interior is lined with a soft fabric is kind to your device. Offers a variety of pockets and storage options.

The main middle has 3 storage areas Velcro accessories can be placed anywhere indoors. Also has two large pockets, one velcro fastening on the front, and a zip fly with lots of storage space and a strap with internal MOLLE on the back. The twin handle Horizontal can be fastened at the push of a button switch to prevent as well as the pockets won’t accidentally open.

Has two small zipped pockets on the front, each with a second Velcro Storage. The left pocket has an identification pocket to allow extra scratch Transparent to hold a piece of paper or anything else. The second pocket on the right has two straps sewn that can be used to hold pens or other, as well as a velcro patch can be attached to each 18.5 × 5 cm or patch area.

The main strap is adjustable and has a strengthening ajustable Velcro strap which can be removed if needed.

The sides of the bag also offers sewn straps that can be used for storage. On the back there are 4 straps stitched with several small storage space for pens, etc.

The back Velcro also offers a small amount of space for the patch of your choice is 7.5 × 5 cm. Swiss Arms PVC badge on the left pocket to the front.

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